Let's make council more open and transparent

Over my time in council, I have become frustrated that council debates relevant to Division 1 are not often reported or accessible to the community. Secondly, confidentiality rules have gotten in the way of informing the public about many important issues.

Addressing the Problem

I have made two proposals to address these issues, and they will come to a vote early next term.    


The first is making live video and recordings of council meetings available online. People should be able to see council in action whenever they want.    


The second is to use the same technology to record confidential meetings. Once the legal reasons for confidentiality have passed (for example the commercial negotiations they relate to have concluded), the debates should be released for public viewing.

Taking the Lead

This would be an Australian first, and council should lead on this.    I believe the community would have a lot more trust in decisions made in confidential sessions if they knew they would eventually be able to see and scrutinize the debates.

Authorised by Rick Baberowski, 117 Lindeman Road, Beerwah