Managing development to preserve our way of life

Council creates a new planning scheme every 8 years. Just after this election we’ll be making the next one. I want to use my 8 years of experience to make sure that the next planning scheme is what we need it to be.

Larger lot sizes

The community has let me know they want larger lot sizes in our area. I have already successfully made amendments to the current planning scheme requiring this in many cases moving forward, resisting the push towards smaller and smaller lots elsewhere on the coast.  

Stronger Local area Plans and More

That’s just the start. Next planning scheme, I want massive community involvement, and more changes to preserve our way of life. For example we need to strengthen our weak “local area plans” to allow council to take more account of factors like local character when assessing development applications, not just the zoning of the land.

Authorised by Rick Baberowski, 117 Lindeman Road, Beerwah