Tackling Congestion and Upgrading our Roads

Decades of under-investment by state and federal governments has led to ridiculous peak congestion on the Sunshine Coast.
    I continue to relentlessly lobby for funding, but I will not wait for state support that always comes too late.

Targeting Pinch Points

I have successfully argued for council to make the tough decisions to do what it takes to address congestion. For example, Caloundra Road is one of the pinch points in our network. Council is currently building a new local trunk road to take pressure off it by diverting some of the traffic. This road has been controversial, but I think it is worth it to avoid gridlock.

Roads and Rail

I continue to fight for the funding for council’s ongoing upgrades of many local roads like Roy’s Road and Old Gympie Road. I also relentlessly advocacate for the only real long term solution: a rail nework to take cars off the roads, linking the coastal towns to each other and the hinterland.

Authorised by Rick Baberowski, 117 Lindeman Road, Beerwah