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Sunshine Coast Council Division 1

Listening and fighting for you

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I know how important it is that there are good jobs avaliable locally for you, your partner and your children. Diversifying our economy has always been one of my top priorities. This helps produce security...

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Decads of under investment by state and federal governments has led to ridiculous levels of peak congestion on the Sunshine Coast. I continue to relentlessly lobby for...


Council creates a new planning scheme every 8 years. Just after this election we'll be making the next one. I want to use my 8 years of experience to make sure that the next planning scheme is...

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Our environment in Division 1 is magnificient, and we need to make sure it is preserved, not just for us but for our children's children. From the "Best Bumps on the Planet" the Glasshouse Mountains to the beautiful...

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In my first term, I successfully secured a major upgrade of Beerwah's town centre, which we celebrated with the first Beerwah street party. In my second term, I have secured a similar project for...

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In my time in council, I have become frustrated that council debates relevant to Division 1 are not often reported or accessible to the community. Secondly, confidentiality rules have...

donations NOT Accepted

I believe it is important to be unbiased as a councillor. I have never accepted donations to fund my campaign. I invite you to look at my public returns to verify this. Below is the legally required public notice:

As a participant in a Queensland local government election, I am required to give a disclosure return to the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) if I receive a gift or loan valued at $500 or more. I am required to give these returns within 7 business days of receipt, or within 24 hours if I receive the gift/loan within 7 business days before election day. These returns are available for public viewing on the ECQ’s website, and will include all relevant details about the gift, including (but not limited to) your name and address. This is required by the Local Government Electoral Act 2011. Please visit if you require further information about my obligations as an electoral participant.

Authorised by Rick Baberowski, 117 Lindeman Road, Beerwah